December 12, 2009

EXCLUSIVE! Dec/Jan '09 issue preview ...

An exclusive glimpse at our Dec/Jan '09 issue of Diva Magazine. Please comment!

* Please note! This is not the ENTIRE issue. It is only a preview.

June 4, 2009

Welcome to Diva Magazine! ♥

Dearest, Divas!
Hi, and welcome Diva Magazine's official website. The sudden change of adress was because our old one was just too complicated and hard to organise. On this site, you can expect daily posts about Stardoll news, upcoming trends and much more! We'll also keep you updated on new music, celeb gossip and even have occasional competitions? How does that sound? So stay tuned!

But if you can't handle the wait -- you can always subscribe to our e-newsletter (otherwise known as our club) on Stardoll. Click here tojoin our club/e-newsletter.

Our e-newsletter is always updated with new topics and posts - much like our website, except you can have the comfort of receiving exclusive updates and details straight to your Stardoll inbox!

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